Hello I'm Christina!

A lovely lady once said to me:


''When I’m around you, I feel like life becomes magical. Weird synchronicities happen. I feel like I’m good enough as I am … that I AM meant to have my dreams come true … and that my Happily Ever After has already started. You are my muse!''


That is one of the most touching compliments I’ve received.


And that’s what my work is about.


Like Aphrodite, I help you to free your heart. Clear out your inner demons and the yuck holding you back. And of course, unleash your ability to create your Fairytale Life.

Today I hope that you embrace and live a new story that frees your heart. Something that brings magic and love into your life and into the world around you.


Go BE Love!

Words Storystreaming Radio


A 30 min radio show where we talk about the technique of storystreaming and your innate ability to tell a new story so you can be or do or have whatever you desire.Each show includes a storystream we do together so we can create magic for your life while on the air.

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Words Downloadable Recordings


Daily nourishment of your soul and vibration is essential if you want to be the creator of a vibrant, joyful life YOU want. Download these topic specific recordings instantly for an easy and quick way to manifest madly and start living your Happily Ever After – right now!

I want to build my storystream collection!
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Words Private Intuive Sessions


Take an intuitive reading, throw in a dash of Law of Attraction, a pinch of storytelling, a dab of magic and a whole lot of romance and you get the manifesting powerhouse that is a private session with Christina Caeliss. All wrapped up in a magical conversation of course.

I want to get some answers now!
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Our Ancient Stories are YOUR Treasure!

When we dip into our rich human heritage of magical stories and myths, our souls wake up up and respond with a joyful cry of recognition. We feel the potential of our own hero's and heroine's journey again. That is how we improve our own 'real' tangible everyday life story.
~ Christina Caeliss

Aphrodite: #1 Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and MAGIC!

With over 12,000 followers and counting, Unleashing Aphrodite welcomes you!

We each have within us a powerful force. An inner being that remembers our ancient myths and fairytales of
and True Love’s Kiss

That same inner being intuitively senses how to use these stories to CREATE ANYTHING

Our true story is disguised by imposters. Invaders that infiltrate the knowing of our inner being and weave a false story of struggle and futility. Of war and pain. Of suffering and sacrifice as a way of showing love and worth. Of a battle between men and women, the masculine and the feminine.

But our true story never dies. Dreams of True love, romantic adventures, prosperity, wild success, a life of grace & ease … that is our real destiny that sometimes only visits us in our nighttime dreams and in our books and films.

Love, Beauty, Magic, and Pleasure. All fall under the domain of the Goddess Aphrodite. She was also a Muse. When you unleash the Aphrodite spirit inside yourself, your life changes. You can use your immense creative power to create your own life story.

Will it be a romance? An adventure? A mystery? A spiritual quest?  A life of Grace and Ease full of Magic, and of course True Love…

And in the end, it is our stories that rule our destinies – and Your story that rules Your destiny.

If you love Romance, and Magic, and Adventure … if you’ve ever cried at a movie from sheer inspiration and felt something BIG and wonderful and powerful surge up inside you, the ageless power to create a legendary life with you as an utterly Scrumptious Lover of Life choosing the direction … if you want to heal the rift between men and women … then Welcome. You are no longer alone.

I invite you to explore this site. Pick up some free pressies here. And prepare for a life of love!




“Can you feel the vibes coming through the screen, my mojo is back, thanks to a certain email i recieved from you, I decided to put myself back out there, be gutsy, be true, be honest and see what manifests…. well thus far, i am currently dating a wonderful Lady, she is my equal in every way, we bounce off each other organically, it feels like something I have never experienced before!!!! I rain a thousand thank you’s upon you…
God Bless you, for simply being you 🙂

Shaun, UK
“3 days after my session where I created my new story in Italy with Christina, I was invited to Rome.She is extremely powerful and gifted at what she does and at believing in me and how powerful I am. She doesn’t let me stay stuck or settle for mediocre or worse, when she knows I want and can have, so much more and do it in a feminine way that feels good. No more struggle. I can’t wait to start the 6 month program and see what else I can do!”
Nadine, Ireland
“Christina is a tremendous consultant and a natural intuitive for knowing your pain points and achieving breakthroughs. Her wise counsel and friendly demeanour ensures that you view your business from an outsider’s perspective and have the gusto and tenacity to follow through with it.
She helped me create an entire sales funnel and map out the pricing structure in one call and I have made revenue from it already.
She is patient, kind and brings out of you, ideas you didn’t even know existed.
I highly recommend her as an expert, consultant and coach for your business!”
Nadia Arain, The Spapreneur


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What Else?

Unleashing Aphrodite is loaded with useful, effective tools that allows you to quickly and easily start changing your life at the deepest levels. Not only that but when you work with Christina you get the  most amazing support around!
  • Hypnotherapy – to help you change your weight, phobias, pains and more effectively and easily.

  • Sacred Ritual – to infuse your life with reverence and awaken the magic in your life.

  • Books – Aphrodite’s Short and Secret Guide series for Love, Healing Your Heart, Beauty and more!

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I like presents!