How to Handle the Side Effects from Cord Cuttings

By |Thursday, September 17, 2015|

Cord Cutting ScissorsHow to Handle the Side Effects from Cord Cutting

When I do cord cuttings with clients, we create a plan for what to do afterwards, to minimise any distress, if ‘stuff’ comes up. After all we’re moving energy. We’re SHIFTING things. That […]

ANNOUNCEMENT – the ‘Triple Threat to Sacred Romance’ Program is almost ready!

By |Thursday, June 4, 2015|

I recently gave a talk about the Triple Threat to Sacred Romance, at Inspire’d in London (the Ted-style Talks meet comedy club people.) It created so much interest with people asking deeper questions that I’ve decided to expand it into a 3 part program.

I’m working on it right now, to get it to […]

Aphrodite Tip No. 4 – All is in Divine Order

By |Sunday, May 3, 2015|

Aphrodite Tip 4

Aphrodite Tip No 17 – Only Buy Clothes That Fit You Right Now

By |Tuesday, October 14, 2014|

What message are you giving yourself and the world when you buy clothes that don’t drape and celebrate you just as you are?

If you lose/gain weight, then you can buy a different size.

For now, Be a Goddess and Enjoy buying clothes for yourself … just the way you are!

Aphrodite Tip <a href=[…]

Aphrodite Tip No 19 – ‘I Don’t Believe in Love’

By |Monday, October 13, 2014|

The image says it all.

19 Aphrodite Tip

Aphrodite Tip No. 5 – Be Whole as You Are

By |Sunday, October 12, 2014|

That piercing yearning you feel? It iAphrodite Tip No 5sn’t bringing romantic love closer… the yearning is keeping you trapped AWAY from love.

Try desire instead.

Yearning comes from fear. Desire comes from passion. Guess which one attracts more? Transform the fear to Desire!




Aphrodite Tip No 6 – You Want True Love? Then Don’t Do This!

By |Saturday, October 11, 2014|

I see too many people approach dating like flicking through a rack of clothes … flick, flick, flick… sorting and filing and discarding in minutes.

If YOU create your reality and you treat people and love this way, what do you think you’re going to experience in your life?Aphrodite Tip No <a href=[…]

Aphrodite Tip No. 7 – Love Doesn’t Have a Price. People Do.

By |Thursday, October 9, 2014|

Love Doesn’t Have a Price – People Do.Aphrodite Tip Template 7

Who makes the first move, who pays for dinner, who says sorry first, who gives up what for whom, who suffered the most …
Love doesn’t cost a thing my dear ones!

All the other things are prices and […]

Alpha or Beta Male

By |Friday, August 15, 2014|

Wow – when did the definition of a beta male change to something so awful??? Is this an extreme pendulum swing of men being emasculated for so long? I’ve been writing fiction for over 15 years and we depend on a good understanding of these terms and types long before they came into the mainstream. […]

Aphrodite’s Wisdom Tip No. 15 What is the Number 1 Thing That Keeps Lovers Apart?

By |Wednesday, June 4, 2014|

It’s rare enough that outer circumstances are what keep two people in love apart. Especially in the world most of my readers live Aphrodite Tip Number 15in.
Lovers have managed to make it through wars and scary, controlling, protesting parents and manipulative kings and queens with their love intact, to end up together, throughout the ages.

And while all of those things still exist in our world… it’s usually […]