I have never worked with a more powerful healer. Every experience I have with Christina just blows me away

I’m about to make a bold statement here - but it’s a true one - I have never worked with a more powerful healer. Katharine Wolf for Christina A CaelissEvery experience I have with Christina just blows me away

- from her spot-on and totally perspective-shifting Core Story Reading

- to her deeply healing StoryStream (which I listen to again and again!)

- to her lovingly held Cord Cuttings.


A massive part of what makes Christina stand out to me is her integrity, her thoroughness and her humanness. She understands the work she is doing is deeply personal and sensitive and she treats it as such.


She gets the emotional stuff just as much as the energetic. I’ve worked with other healers who were not so conscientious - or not so grounded and aware of the human side of healing - and after working with Christina my standards around who I will go to for healing in the future are totally raised. You raised the bar, lass!


With Christina, I know I’ve found someone who I will go to for support, guidance and healing for years to come, and will send my clients to her with total trust. What a woman to have on my life support team!

Katharine Wolf


My mojo is back!

Can you feel the vibes coming through the screen, my mojo is back, thanks to a certain email i recieved from you, I decided to put myself back out there, be gutsy, be true, be honest and see what manifests.... well thus far, i am currently dating a wonderful Lady, she is my equal in every way, we bounce off each other organically, it feels like something I have never experienced before!!!!


Christina, the fact you took the time to speak with someone you don't know, actually care and most important LISTEN is sooooo rare, that alone built my self esteem back up again.... i am in the most amazing place romantically and that is soooooo important to me...

I rain a thousand thank you's upon you...

God Bless you, for simply being you 🙂





Janey Liddell


I've never met or worked with anyone as powerful as Christina ...

I have honestly never worked with or met anyone who is as powerful as Christina in the Soulmate Manifestation business. Ever.  As an author on the subject of love, having received support and mentoring from various and varied sources on this subject, I can honestly say that I have never experienced ANYTHING as powerful as working with this wonderful aphrodite goddess.  Love is her passion and twin flame attraction her soul purpose.

I had a VIP day with Christina at a point in time where I had pretty much "tried it all" when it came to the game of love, and had an open mind as to what to expect. Without giving too much away, the wealth of this woman's skills is phenomenal. She is part mentor, part magic!  As most people who are single in their 30s, I was carrying a bit of baggage from past relationships and experiences that Christina managed to clear almost effortlessly, leading to a real physical and emotional release. I felt the actual effects of the work ON THE DAY we worked together, but since then, I have attracted into my life men and relationships that are so much more aligned with what I would want in my life, its unreal.

Together with that, I also now have the strength to say "no" to something that isn't quite in alignment and am living in a place of total gratitude and enjoyment for what life brings me. Its hard to believe that so much has changed, mentally and in my exterior circumstances in such a short space of time.

If you think you have tried it all, you haven't tried the ULTIMATE boost in your finding love journey, and on the way, uncovering even more of a goddess within yourself.   I can honestly say that Christina is one of the best in the business and you will not regret working with her.

Author, Speaker, Barrister


I Can Honestly Say I Don't Know How I'd Have Gotten Through Some Challenges Without Her Support

Christina has massively helped me get through some challenging times in the last few months and I can honestly sayMargaret Buj I don’t know how I’d have got through some of them without her support and wisdom.


I’ve decided to do cord cutting as I’ve seen positive results and clarity in various areas of my life from other work I’ve done with Christina. I’ve decided to do cord cutting as well as I wanted to be able to move on fully from my previous relationship. Cord cutting is a process that severs that negative attachment between you and another person so that the shadow of that past relationship does not hang over you or affect your behaviour in the present.  It does not mean that you lose contact with the person or that it weakens the positive connection though – something I definitely did not want to happen.


I could feel the result already a few days after the session – I feel free and much happier and don’t feel the same attachment I’ve felt before.


Christina has this ability to somehow know exactly what’s going on and what to say to best serve her clients.

Margaret Buj


You are an inspiration!

Thank you so much! You always inspire people to reach for their highest dreams! That is such a great gift!!


Rhian Clarkson


Our relationship has never been a recipe book process but deeply personalised guidance

Richard Southam says ...

I first met Christina as a patient in my Chiropractic practice in Cornwall.  I firmly believe that people appear in your life in times of need.  At this time I really did not know what that need was.  I was not happily married but had accepted my lot and was resigned to remain in that marriage for the “benefit of my children.  I felt downtrodden and unappreciated in my marriage.

Christianna and I soon became friends and I started to open up as to how I felt and how unhappy I was.  From then on Christina started coaching me, in a very gentle way, and I realized that there was more to life than the unhappy situation I was in and that through strength I could find a new way.

Not long after I sold my practice and moved up to Dorset.  Being closer to family gave me more options and also allowed for an opportunity to see if I could make things work with my wife.

I met Christina again not long after moving up and this time we spent a whole day going through my wants and desires and my present situation. And what was holding me back.  It was a tough day staring at the facts of my life but was in many ways rewarding and cemented my belief that I had to make a change.

I then met a beautiful woman who was the embodiment of what I wanted in my life. This woman was a catalyst and I finally took the step and ended my marriage. I did not leave my wife for her but from the friendship that we built I found the strength to move forward.

Over the next few months my relationship with my children, which had been pretty much nonexistent before, blossomed and I started to date my new partner.

Unfortunately this relationship did not work due to the stress of me going through a divorce, moving in together too quickly, work stress and because I jumped in before giving myself time to heal and find myself again.

It was at this time that I contacted Christina again and she helped me to start the healing process.  Though her advice and her wisdom I have started to understand who I am and, where I have made mistakes but most importantly how I need to look towards the future.

Our relationship has never been a recipe book process but has been deeply personalised guidance.  Usually her advice has been very softly placed but, when necessary, put much more directly.

I always know that Christina is there when I need her and I have always valued her opinion.  She has become a good friend and my confidant.

Richard Southam MSc DC MCC Chiropractor
Aquae Sulis Chiropractic


I Received a Substantial Amount of Money After a Cord Cutting

Jolene Setterfield Christina A CaelissChristina has been such a powerful, potent energy worker in my life (and she still is to this day.) I have been working with Christina for the past few years. I am very particular about who I choose to work with energetically, and Christina is one of my small intimate team whom I call upon. She is always there for me anytime I reach out, and delivers above and beyond every single time. She has a very caring, loving, passionate and comforting spirit, which enables me to feel safe in her hands and is essential with any type of healing/energy work.

I have particularly had some amazing life-changing experiences through working with Christina, in regards specifically to the cord cuttings she offers. I had a very energetically messy situation with an ex of mine. When I brought Chrissy in to help me, she was able to help clear this deep intertwining of energetic cording between me and my ex. At that time in my life, I had some deep patterns of co-dependency, and this was manifested in the physical in the form of limited abundance. It was pretty much a day or two after the cord cutting, when I received an unexpected cheque for a substantial amount of money. I know there was a link here.

Christina facilitated the cord cuttings, and all energy work with such love, power, and potency. At one point I felt like I cleared 5 lifetimes in one go! I felt safe, in great hands, and I literally felt the past cords being removed from me completely.

I highly recommend Christina A. Caeliss


Jolene Setterfield


You brought the romance back!

Thanks for bringing romance back into my life, you're a dear sweet gem,


Christine Craig


I Have Had Many Readings, Over the Years ... But None Has Given Me the Fullness and Wholesomeness as Christina.

Christina steps in time with the universe.

I have had many readings, over the years with intuitives from all paths but none has given me the fullness and wholesomeness as Christina.

This is one very gifted and special lady. Christina’s outward beauty is a true testimonial to what resides inside – she resonates her deep spiritual connection in her voice, her eyes, her knowledge and wisdom.

I felt a soul connection within the reading – things were taking place on many levels, I felt a true knowledge of what it is like to be a woman on a spiritual journey, Christina ‘knew’ me. I also sensed, as she read for me, a deep and cleansing soul healing taking place, I ‘saw’ through the fog of my own situation as she gently drew out what my soul already knew but i had been blind to…

It is a special magick indeed that she weaves. Christina’s mastery of the emotional body and connection is rare and precious…

It was not JUST a reading. A standard reading gives you a little insight – i felt Christina plugged me into her source and drew out of me (or poured into me – i am not quite sure) an understanding of myself thus leading me to my own truth rather than instilling her own interpretation….

Thank you for sharing your astounding gifts Christina – such a humble lady that i doubt, you will ever fully know, the powerful shift you so effortlessly affect upon people.

My Gratitude, Love and Blessings xxxx


Jo Alvey


I Had Goosebumps and Chills at Christina's Accurate Conclusion

I am truly blessed and extremely grateful for Christina to have come into my life. The connection and bond formed is mind blowing and AMAZING.

From the very first time I listened to my core wound reading, I had goosebumps and chills at Christina's accurate conclusion. The core root needed to be exposed in order for me to break down the wall I have been putting up.

After listening to the reading over and over and over several times it clicked with me and the lightbulb went off and now I feel the light within me and I am ready to shine.

Christina has so much passion, desire and love to help others come out of their cocoon and be the shining light they deserve to be.

Thanks to Chrissy and her expertise and caring nature, I am now the Goddess of my life with much light shining inwardly and outwardly.

I am eternally grateful to her for she has opened a whole new world for me full of LIGHT, LOVE and HAPPINESS!



Christina's 'Love Magic Impact' On Me

Kamila Novakova

I'd like to highlight my personal experience with Christina Caeliss and her "love impact" on me. As after talking to her just several times I have moved on with my life in the positive direction in love and also my career. She is an extraordinary woman and gives all valuable advices about how to find the real happiness and only by talking to her it creates the right changes.

While focusing on the right things and all I wanted, I have attracted my new job, which I was awaiting several weeks and that was the big sign that things are moving forward. But the best story happened to me, when I was in Frankfurt airport leaving back to Vienna. I have met a nice man there, who was just walking at the departure hall. I have noticed him, he looked at me when I walked around. Later I met him again as he was sitting inside of the departure room waiting for the same flight. The only free place was next to him. When I walked into the room, the seat was just in front of me ready for me to sit. I did not even expect it's him. He smiled at me when getting up and I gave him the smile back. I was the last passenger going on board and had the seat nr. E24. After searching my seat, guess what? My seat was right next to him. And I was not even expecting it!

We were talking all flight long, had the same topics about traveling and similar ideas about the future. He was awesome, young and cute. He asked me for my phone number saying that he would like to stay longer in Vienna but he must join the connecting flight to Greece for holiday. If I didn't have the job since Thursday, I would take the same flight to Greece with him. I didn't take his number but he text me himself upon his arrival, so we stay in touch. It was all too much for being an accident I think.

You better speak with Christina in order to really experience this little miracles in life that can grow big, so the real love will find you!


Kamila Novakova ~ Prague


Aphrodite's Magic Also Works in Business ...

Anne Mackenzie

 A day spent working on Anne's business, One Soul Therapies

Christina says:

I would only want someone who has created successful businesses doing something other than marketing and business coaching, to give me advice on how to run my biz. I want the same for you.

While a lot of my work focuses on personal development, I have a VAST amount of business experience and have created several profitable businesses in my life, including taking over operations of a failing communications company and bringing it to 7 figures in 18 months and getting my media company into the prestigious NASA business center!

I've been running profitable businesses since age 14 (yes you read that right) and have given more business advice to entrepreneurs that's turned to profit, than I can ever document

What we did with Anne that day, creating a unique business and marketing plan of inspiration and action, FROM THE HEART UP, is something I can do with you too, if I feel I can help you.

Over the course of a day or a weekend, we will create a business model that absolutely honours your unique gifts and the lifestyle you want to lead ... that is the only true way to abundance. And I mean abundance not only in money, but in fulfillment, knowing you are fulfilling your purpose, passion for life when you wake up in the mornings, and time for yourself and your loved ones.

Your heart will be finally be free to create an income in what gives you joy - ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Isn't that why you became self-employed in the first place? To do it your way?

Email if you want to have a chat about the possibilities of what we can co-create in YOUR Business:


Anne Mackenzie
One Soul Therapies


I Feel Strangely Free Now Because of Some of the Things You Said

My self-summary after listening to your sage insights and advice...my own words to myself...is... grow the fuck up! 🙂

Not only am I impressed by your insights, but also by how much you remember about my past. You really were paying attention.

A direct, almost brutal style is what makes inroads with me. A bit of shock therapy has more of an impact than 15 years of cognitive behaviour therapy.

I'm starting to think you know more about and understand me better than anyone in my life at the moment.

I feel strangely free now because of some of the things you said. Strangely free. Me likes.

Seriously, you should transcribe the things you said and create an article or ebook out of what you've said to me. It doesn't just pertain to me. I think it's a VERY common problem and I'm starting to think it's a particularly male problem.

When my marriage ended I went off and bought a book called "Love & Betrayal" by John Amodeo. It's a top seller. It was mildly helpful. What you said to me today was infinitely more helpful.

You're good. 🙂

Brad - London, UK


I Made Revenue After One Call ...


Christína is a tremendous consultant and a natural intuitive for knowing your pain points and achieving breakthroughs. Her wise counsel and friendly demeanor ensures that you view your business from an outsider’s perspective and have the gusto and tenacity to follow through with it.

She helped me create an entire sales funnel and map out the pricing structure in one call and I have made revenue from it already.

She is patient, kind and brings out of you, ideas you didn’t even know existed.
I highly recommend her as an expert, consultant and coach for your business!


We Storystreamed Romance and A Rome Trip Within Days


“Before I had my session with Christina, I had ended an abusive relationship but was still stuck in a vicious cycle of communication with him. Even though I yearned for a deep Soulmate relationship, I really believed that he was the best I could get and that a charismatic successful man wouldn’t want me because I wasn’t good enough and I had a child and for so many other reasons. I was stuck in this low place and I learned that when I reached out to Christina, it was my soul answering the call – to something better. To learn how to become the woman I always wanted to be.

On our second session, Christina and I went on one of her special Storystream journeys where we created a new story for myself. I saw myself in my beautiful holiday villa in Italy and my true love with me. In that moment I made a decision to change my life and let in my dreams and whatever made me happy.

I was also inspired to join the 6 month journey of unleashing Aphrodite with Christianna after that and just went for it. It was our second conversation and already I could feel the Aphrodite energy emerging.

Not long after our talk on that day, a friend rang me and invited me to a party. It was a family do, so I was invited to bring my daughter. . .great. . . no stress trying to find a minder!

At midnight my daughter was tired and wanted to sleep. A man I’d just met – one of the family, showed us to her room! Within five minutes of talking, the guy told me it was so good to be in love again! Then remarked – it’s a bit soon, isn’t it?

He then invited me out on Sunday… He is fit, healthy, single, successful and we clicked in every way – there was a nice connection there even though I didn’t feel a romantic attraction to him. But he was the type of man I didn’t even think would want me, just that morning and I believe he came into my life to show me that there is hope and I CAN attract like crazy when I know how. This was the same day of my second session with Christina and hours after our journey.

I slept with my daughter when I finally went to bed at 3am. I had a dream of two pink ladybirds, flying together flower to flower in the sun. Then two parrots appeared, beautifully coloured one snuggling into the other’s neck which then turned into two huge colourful dogs frolicking in a meadow. The feeling was one of love, couples, contentment and happiness.

So I met the guy on Sunday, it was a nice meeting, but I’ve decided to wait for the 100%!

Then on Sunday evening, a friend I’d met via FB several months ago called me unexpectedly. After 15 minutes he invited my daughter and me to stay with him in Rome at his holiday home! I haven’t decided whether to accept the offer yet, but it is open.  He’s not the one either, but I’m going to have lots of fun whilst I’m waiting :)

So 3 days after my session where I created my new story in Italy with Christina, I was invited to Rome.

She is extremely powerful and gifted at what she does and at believing in me and how powerful I am. She doesn’t let me stay stuck or settle for mediocre or worse, when she knows I want and can have, so much more and do it in a feminine way that feels good. No more struggle. I can’t wait to start the 6 month program and see what else I can do!"



PS Another problem I had was that I am a very qualified complementary therapist with no business at all. That same weekend two clients came looking for me, out of the blue. And an attorney rang me to let me know that I had some unexpected money due to come to me and how did I want it sent to me?



I felt like I was ... getting the key to a magical realm where anything was possible

Dear Christina,

'Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session I had with you. It was a very comfortable experience and right from the start I felt I was in safe hands and wasn't afraid to let myself relax even though it was the first time I'd been hypnotised.

You have an extremely thoughtful and caring approach and a lovely soothing voice. I felt like a child safely tucked up in bed, being read my favourite story, and getting the key to a magical realm where anything was possible.

I will return for another session as soon as I can!

Deborah C