Private Intuitive Sessions

“These Private Intuitive Sessions can’t really be described. They have to be experienced. They brush you with a touch of magic and enchantment that you take with you and that blesses your daily life”


The closest description is to call it ‘a magical conversation’. Your life changes. Things happen. Maybe things you’ve never experienced before.

The Story Of Your Life

The story of your life may start to take a different direction right then and there. We’ll uncover things you weren’t even aware of before with intuition (and yes questions like ‘will he call me’ are answered in these sessions too LOL …but we go much beyond that so your happiness isn’t dependent on whether someone else picks up the phone!)

During a session:

We tap into the Enchanted Story that lives with in your heart – the one that may be trapped because of all the ‘realistic’ (another word for limitation) messages you’ve taken on from those well-meaning people around the place .

  • We can even attract a true enchanted love, a love and a life beyond the ordinary, to match the TRUE MAGNIFICIENT person you are.
  • We start to create synchronicities and even miracles that you may see very quickly.
  • We release the magic that lives within you!

… so you can deliberately and consciously create what happens in your life. You become the mistress or master of your destiny.

And most of all, you leave feeling much better than when you started. Lighter, happier, with a bigger viewpoint of life and the possibilities that are just waiting for you to catch up so they can become reality. Your heart gets filled with bliss and optimism. You KNOW that you’ll have true love in your life. You KNOW that your prosperity will take off and you won’t have to worry about money any more. You KNOW that you’ll finally have that life of grace and ease. And when you’re in that mindset you are SO powerful. Pain and resistance never attract the good things. Joy and trust do.

I LOVE doing these sessions and creating your adventurous life, even your romance novel life if that’s what you want. Can you tell how much I enjoy doing this with you? 🙂

So choose which session feels the best for you right now and let’s get on the phone together to make some magic!

Option 1:  Intuitive magical love reading (like a psychic reading but so much more and my style)

Bring your questions about love or indeed anything else and we’ll tap into the universal stream where all the answers can be found. I may use tools like oracle cards or a pendulum. Each reading is unique and we’ll go deep to get the answsers that aren’t that obvious!

Like I said above, this isn’t just all about abstract ideas, we’ll touch on all the everyday questions like ‘will he call?’, ‘is she coming back?’, ‘when will I be in a relationship again?’ ‘What is the best choice to make in this situation?’ and so on.

Of course we won’t just look at what is but how to change it or make sure the good does happen.

Intuitive Magical Love Reading: 30 mins – £75

(After you purchase your session you’ll get an email/call from me personally for an initial chat and to set up a time)

Option 2:  Intuitive magical love reading All of the above + a Storystream

You’ll have a reading just like described above and then … you close your eyes, lie back as I take you through a storystream deeply personalised just for you. A storystream is a combination of telling the story of how you want your life to be + manifesting. It feels a little bit like a guided meditation but it’s not. It’s so much more and talks to your soul. Remember how you were enraptured as a child when someone told you a story and you felt you were in it?

This is similar but much more powerful as you’ll actually be vibrationally creating the story as we do it!

Intuitive Magical Love Reading+Storystream: 45 mins – £100

(After you purchase your session you’ll get an email/call from me personally for an initial chat and to set up a time)

Option 3:  Full on Happily Ever After Interactive Storystream!

This is it – the FULL experience. Together we’ll immerse ourselves into a new story YOU want.
We’ll create it, we’ll tell it, we’ll ‘live’ it. We’ll talk, we’ll move our bodies, we’ll laugh and you’ll probably feel deeply moved in your soulas well.

And as we do, we’ll be sending The Universe a clear message of what you desire. We’ll be giving The Universe permission to send it to you.

Are you ready to fire off your rockets of desire, manifest like crazy and have great fun while you’re at it?

Are you ready to change your life from the inside out and have an experience you’ll remember for a long long time?

Book your session and before you know it, we’ll be on the phone having a magical experience that will tickle you pink and create synchronicities, attract love, change your mindset and energy and therefore change how you deal with life, and make you remember your natural and true self which believes that life is supposed to be good, fairytales are real, wellbeing is your natural state and what is meant for you comes to you easily.

Click below to book your session.

60-90 mins £150

(After you purchase your session you’ll get an email/call from me personally for an initial chat and to set up a time)

Christina Caeliss is the Magic Making Maven (Mmm … for short!) who will help you break through those blocks that are keeping you apart from love and your dreams. She will lovingly help you create a new story in your life – your Happily Ever After. All wrapped up in a magical conversation that is a one-of-a-kind experience. People often experience incredible synchronicity, abundance and seemingly magic happenings both during and after. Christina really is your Lucky Charm for Love – and Your Dreams!

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