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If you’ve ever wanted a reading with me about the deepest, most hidden, stubborn things that are blocking you in life (especially in your love life) … then the Core Story Wound Reading is for you.

Your core wound is one that goes so far back, and is embedded so deeply in your cellular memory, that you’re probably not even aware of it. It is the root cause of all misery, despair, and pain. It is the root that all other issues spring from. If left in the dark (the subconscious) it will fester and continue to recreate versions of itself over and over again.

In a Core Story Wound Reading we will bring that stubborn root up into the light, where it will start to lose its power over you!

This reading is:
• part therapeutic analyses
• part psychic read
• part Goddess Aphrodite journeying to the shadow wounded core story that keeps tripping you up, to bring light to it so it can start to dissolve
• And a dash of magic of course 🙂

Imagine finally knowing what’s been tripping you up forever, that thing you’ve not been able to see, and that no one else has been able to see either?
So you can have hope and a plan to release that block?

Read below for the full details



Product Description

If you don’t know where to start  and if you’ve ever wanted a reading with me about the deepest, most hidden, stubborn things that are blocking that big love your heart knows it’s meant to have … then this may be for you.

It’s called the Core Story Wound Healing Catalyst Reading(I know it’s a mouthful, I’m sticking with it until a better name comes to me!)


Your core wound is one that goes so far back, and is embedded so deeply, that you’re probably not even aware of it. I’ve found everyone so far has that one core wound and then other bits and issues that branch off of it. If the core root isn’t treated however, you can do the work on all the other stuff but it feels like there’s a wall you just can’t break through.


People can still be in relationships with this core wound unresolved.
However most high-functioning, deep thinking, self-aware creative or empathic people find it VERY difficult to do so. It’s because on some level we know that it will not be the full experience we want when we’re still carrying this wound – and we want the grand love not the ‘just a warm body next to me’ love. So love may feel elusive.

It’s so hard to describe what this reading is like. How do you describe something so deep and profound yet so simple too? Everyone ‘gets it’ after it’s done. And it’s pretty unique for each person. So I will try to describe it as best I can!

It’s like

  • part therapeutic analyses
  • part psychic read
  • part goddess Aphrodite journeying to the shadow wounded core story that keeps tripping you up, to bring light to it so it can start to dissolve
  • And a dash of magic of course 🙂


This is because I’m like a detective, going through it all with my mental training, feeling through it with my intuition, finding the weak chinks in your prison walls, so as to start to bring them down – finally!


And at the same time, finding the areas in your palace of possibilities that need some love and attention so they can be strengthened too.


It’s a pretty deep step in the personal journey, not only for romantic love but to free your heart in EVERY part of your life.  Yes it does affect every area of your life like work and money and friendships… relationships with our children and even with our parents.

The area our core wound affects the most though tends to be our love life, as that is where it’s going to play out over and over again in the most obvious way.

The purpose of this reading is really to identify what your core story is, your core wound so it can start to heal. We all have this going on within almost always from an early age (and maybe even before birth), esp if you’re not seeing all your desires materialising. Just knowing what it is helps to start the healing.

It’s not going to be a strictly complex psychoanalysis, even though there is quite a bit of insight included. It is a theme – something so straightforward that it likely can be summed up in one sentence and it will make perfect sense to you – yet it also has that ability to create so much complexity in your life. Knowing what it is simplifies it again so it can lose it’s power.


The thing is, you can do all sorts of personal development work and healing etc. Unless you deal with this core wound, this false story you’re playing out, it will be like whacking the tops of weeds off, while leaving the roots intact to grow again.


I kind of ‘accidentally’ (happy divine accident maybe!) and spontaneously started doing this for people and they’ve reported back every time that it’s a profound step and breakthrough on their journey.

It’s part of my bigger purpose to free hearts and I feel SO blessed that I have this unique gift that does just that! Yes of course it’s due to a lifetime of study, experience and practice …  I still feel so blessed to be able to put all the pieces together and do it in this unique way.


The way it works


  1. Step 1- Building the Romantic History Picture – You write out to me via email a little bit of your love life history and what about it wasn’t what you wanted.
  2. Step 2 – The Brewing and Bubbling – I take all of that and just let my mind AND intuition go to work on it for a few days. At some point it will just ‘click’. At the right moment and in the right space I sit down and record for you, what I’ve identified to be your core story wound, the one that blocks love. And I share how it can be healed.I also share any intuitive messages, any advice as a therapist (I’m a long-time clinical hypnotherapist too) and if it’s appropriate, take you on a wee brief storystream™ (my own form of journeying and manifesting that I invented!)
  3. Step 3 – The Light Shining on the Shadows – I then send you the recording.You listen … accept what resonates, put what doesn’t to the side to revisit another day, and hopefully just like everyone else, come out transformed with a deeper understanding of ‘who you really are’ and yes, about what is blocking love and peace in your heart so that block can start to dissolve too!You then send me any follow-up questions and I clarify anything that still needs clarifying.


Benefits –


How to measure the benefit of finally knowing what’s been tripping you up forever, that thing you’ve not been able to see, that no one has been able to see? So you can have hope and a path to releasing those blocks?

It’s invaluable.


Energy Exchange in £,$,€ signs 🙂


$497.00 USD
(yes that little. This work is too important  and life-changing to let anyone object to price.)

If you’d like to pay in Sterling or Euro, contact me directly ( and I will send you a link to pay in your own currency and avoid the currency exchange fees.

I’ve had the privilege of freeing many people from that old thing holding them down and I look forward to helping you free your beautiful heart too!


Lots of magical love and kisses


Christina/Aphrodite xxxxx



3 reviews for Core Story Wound Reading

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was losing the love of my life and everything around me started to crumble. He was gone, and then pretty soon my job was gone too. I was a mess. I felt hopeless and my heart was full of pain.

    I knew I needed some kind of help, because I really couldn’t pick myself back up again. I found Christianna online when I was searching for answers.

    I purchased Christianna’s Core Story Wound Healing, and I’m really glad I did.

    She asked me questions about my past experiences in life, and then she compiled her dignosis.

    All along I had this deep fear inside of me that was causing the men in my life to leave me, and it was blocking real friendships from existing. As soon as she revealed what the fear was, instantly (and I mean INSTANTLY), it like I was slapped on the cheek with reality.

    The next day was my birthday and I felt happy, and confident for the first time in a while. I’m still not out of the woods yet, healing is a process, but it’s definitely started, and I’m confident that things will turn out for the better very soon here!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am truly blessed and extremely grateful for Chrissy Love to have come into my life. The connection and bond formed is mind blowing and AMAZING.

    From the very first time I listened to my core wound reading, I had goosebumps and chills at Chrissy’s accurate conclusion. The core root needed to be exposed in order for me to break down the wall I have been putting up.

    After listening to the reading over and over and over several times it clicked with me and the lightbulb went off and now I feel the light within me and I am ready to shine.

    Chrissy has so much passion, desire and love to help others come out of their cocoon and be the shining light they deserve to be.

    Thanks to Chrissy and her expertise and caring nature, I am now the Goddess of my life with much light shining inwardly and outwardly.

    I am eternally grateful to her for she has opened a whole new world for me full of LIGHT, LOVE and HAPPINESS!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I was so lost and so full of pain at the beginning of my story. I was losing the man I felt was my soul mate. I remember the many times where my heart literally felt like it was being torn out of my chest. I found Chrissy on Facebook and decided to have faith in her, take a leap, and purchase this program.

    She was so kind and understanding and has helped me learn to be a sexy, confident, “Valkyrie” (female warrior). She explained that a lot of the issues I had were lies I was believing about myself.

    Change never happens overnight, but in less than six months, I got an amazing new job and was starting to become content, happy, and vibrant again without him. For the first time in my life, I was not afraid anymore and was excited about the future.

    Plot twist! He messages me and starts to pursue me. I NEVER thought I would hear from him again! I don’t know what the future holds, but I am confident I will be joyful regardless. I now know who I am…a sexy, confident, feminine, Valkyrie 🙂 Thank you, Chrissy!!! XOXO

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