Storystreaming with Christianna Caeliss

Storystreaming® is my own creation, a method of manifesting a dream of yours using the power of your imagination, story, and law of attraction.
It works and most of all it’s FUN!

First I ask you quite a few questions to be able to see deep inside your heart and for you to start to stretch out your ‘Believability Muscles’

That is our story planning phase. It’s surprisingly quick and straightforward.

Then we get together on the phone or in person and you just relax and I walk you through the story with my voice.

Or, if you choose the fully interactive option, we actually play out the story together, back and forth, in real time!

On Your Side: You will find it easy and fun and straightforward and extremely (I can’t emphasise this enough) exciting and uplifting. Your heart will expand more and more as we go through it until you break through the barrier of resistance between you and your dream (FREEEDOMMMMM!!!)

So what is the difference between this and plain make-believe, you may be wondering?

A world of difference. A whole cluster of galaxies of difference! You see …

On My Side: I will be like a conductor leading an orchestra in playing a beautiful song where no one has an music sheets! Or a director of a film where no one knows the lines and I organise all the settings and plot points and pacing etc. as we go along. In other words, I use a variety of skills I’ve picked up over the years: hypnosis, therapy, story development, writing, NLP, healing, magical working and a deep understanding of story and the human journey and the ability to ‘see’ deep into your story.

I will artistically, intuitively and logically be doing the bulk of the work and directing this so that YOU can relax and experience the pure enjoyment of it.

Now here is the coolest bit …

As we do your Storystreaming®, the line between fantasy and reality blurs until they start to mimic each other.

This is because you’ll actually be vibrationally creating the story as we do it!

Everyone starts to think and feel differently right away. Which is key, as thoughts create things.

Then they start noticing ‘interesting’ things happening in their life, unexpected magic and miracles, with grace and ease. For some people it starts small and grows as time goes on. A bit of extra money. Opportunities. Wins and successes. Admirers getting in touch.

Others see big things happen right away. One time a woman got a text from a soulmate she was in love with and hadn’t heard from in months -in the middle of our Storystream®!

(what topics we can do it on)

If you’d like to join me for your own Storystream® magic and miracle – go check it out below and sign up.